02 An Intelligence

An Intelligence is on the intelligent-side of the Universe and is a self-conscious unit of the Eternal, acting in the spheres which may operate in the four worlds of the sphere of earth through the Triune Self to which it is related. An Intelligence is immortal, individuated, has unbroken identity as an Intelligence and never loses its knowledge of this identity.

It has seven inseparable faculties:

The light, time, image, focus, dark, motive and I-am faculties, each faculty being forever a conscious witness to the unity of the seven, (Fig. V-C).

An Intelligence differs from nature in that an Intelligence is an ultimate unit which has passed through all departments and degrees as a nature unit, an aia unit, a Triune Self unit, and as an Intelligence it has reached the ultimate degree of progression in being conscious which a unit can attain, that is, it is conscious as an Intelligence.

All units in nature are conscious, but not conscious that they are conscious, whereas an Intelligence is conscious that it is conscious and knows that it is conscious as an Intelligence.

Between nature and an Intelligence is that which is not nature-matter, nor yet an Intelligence; it is of intelligent-matter. This is the Triune Self.

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