03 A Triune Self A Human Being

A Triune Self is a self-knowing unit of the Eternal and is to act in the four worlds of the earth sphere.

The Triune Self knows itself to be an eternal knower and thinker and doer, as a Triune Self.

Each of these three parts of a Triune Self has a double office.

The offices of the knower are actively selfness or knowledge and passively I-ness or identity;
the offices of the thinker are actively reason and passively rightness;
and the offices of the doer are actively desire and passively feeling, and the duty of each office is to think.

A portion of the doer operates periodically in the physical world while it is in a flesh body. While that portion is in a flesh body its interests are on the physical plane of the physical world, and it is ignorant of itself as the doer. It is earthbound and is conscious only as a human being.

At the human stage the law of thought has the aspect of adjustment, as destiny. At this stage of the doer's development, man can without much difficulty understand the constitution of the Triune Self and its relation to its Intelligence and something about thinking and the nature and properties of a thought and the generation, the course, the exteriorization, the results and the adjustment of a thought.

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