04 Mind Thinking

Thoughts are generated and must be balanced through the action of mind and desire concerning objects of nature.

By mind is meant that which uses the Conscious Light of an Intelligence loaned to its Triune Self.

The general belief is that there is one mind, no other is spoken of. Actually there are three minds that are available to the human, that is, three channels along which that Light flows.

  • There is the bodymind, which operates through the senses concerning all things pertaining to nature.
  • Then there is the feeling-mind which is concerned with sentiments and feelings;
  • and there is the desire-mind which has to do with action and with desires.

The subject of which a person thinks indicates which one of the three minds he is using; thus, when one thinks along the line of feeling, he is using the feeling-mind, controlled, however, by the body-mind and interpreted in terms of the senses.

Besides these there are four minds that are used by the reason and the rightness of the thinker, and by the I-ness and the selfness of the knower of the Triune Self, but these four minds are not available to the doer.

Thinking is the steady holding of the Conscious Light within on the subject of the thinking. Because the functions of the knower, the thinker and the doer are to think, the I-ness of the knower thinks as identity and the selfness thinks as knowledge, the rightness of the thinker thinks as law and the reason thinks as justice; the feeling of the doer should think as beauty and the desire should think as power.

But because of the reduced and imperfect condition of the doer-in-the-body, the feeling of the doer in the human thinks from feeling and the desire thinks from desire. And feeling-and-desire are both compelled by the body-mind and the senses to think of themselves as the senses and as sensation. So that the feeling of the doer-in-the-body thinks with the feeling-mind subject to the body-mind, and the desire thinks with the desire-mind subject to the body-mind, and both are made to think in terms of the senses.

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