05 Thoughts On Subjects

Thoughts on subjects in the physical world are of four classes.

They are sexual, elemental and emotional thoughts, all of which are stimulated by sensations, that is, elementals, nature units, coming from outside the human; and intellectual thoughts which may come from without or from within, but are always stimulated by sensations.

The thoughts that are started from without or start from within are caused by the action of nature upon the breath-form, through the four senses and their
systems, the representatives of nature. Thoughts of subjects in the light, life and form worlds are conceived of by men only as they are able to apply them to physical things.

There can be thinking about the Triune Self, but thoughts are always concerned with nature and are the result of thinking with attachment to objects of nature.

Therefore thinking which creates thoughts holds the human being to nature.

That is the reason why freedom of the doer-in-the-body and immortality of the body can be attained only by the thinking which does not create thoughts or destiny, that is, thinking which is not attached to objects.

Thoughts on subjects in the physical world are those which have filled the heads and hearts of men. These kinds of thoughts includes religions and even the
metaphysics of religions, such as speculations about the Trinity and the nature of God. It includes politics, government, customs, literature, art; in short, everything that there is on the earth.

In this site chiefly sexual, elemental, emotional and intellectual thoughts are dealt with, because they have made men what they are, and will for some time to come make the world and the men and the creatures in it and bring on the events which are usually ascribed to God, destiny or chance.

Thinking of time, of space, of mathematics or of any subjects in the life world or the light world of the earth sphere is not particularly dealt with here. Such thinking need have no direct physical expression and is not exteriorized, unless a thought is created that relates to the physical plane.

The body will have to be cleansed, its centers brought to life and its channels opened, before thoughts of the life and light worlds can be had.

Most men and women are merely doers whose feeling-and-desire are ruled by sensations and who refuse to be ruled by the thinker and knower parts of the Triune Self. They have few, if any, ideals. So thoughts of a sexual, elemental and emotional nature hold the stage, together with a few intellectual thoughts which are entertained to be the servants of the three other kinds.

As to the nature and properties of thoughts there is nothing on the visible plane to which a thought can be compared.

This makes it hard to describe the nature and properties of a thought, even though all physical things are exteriorized parts of thoughts.

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