07 The Atmospheres Of The Triune Self

There is a nature organization as well as the constitution of a Triune Self for thinking and the consequent production and exteriorizations of thoughts.

The nature organization in the body comprises the four senses, their systems and organs and the physical atmosphere.
The constitution of the Triune Self comprises the portions of its doer, its thinker and knower and their atmospheres and breaths.

The nature organization in the body is arranged to receive the impulse, pull and pressure of nature which come through the openings and nerve centers in the body. Through these the four senses are reached and compelled. The senses act on their respective four systems through the sympathetic or involuntary nervous system. All of this is the natural and involuntary activity of the body.

A Triune Self has three parts: the psychic part or doer, the mental part or thinker, and the noetic part or knower.

A portion of the doer is in the kidneys and adrenals, the thinker contacts the heart and lungs, and the knower contacts the pituitary body and the pineal body.

These three parts are active parts of the psychic, mental and noetic atmospheres, and are only partially connected with these organs.

There are four atmospheres: the physical atmosphere of the body, and the psychic, mental, and noetic atmospheres of the Triune Self, (Fig. V-B).

The atmospheres of the Triune Self relate to the form, life, and light worlds of the earth sphere, and to the psychic, mental, and noetic atmospheres of the human, which in turn relate to the form, life, and light planes of the physical world.

The physical atmosphere consists of units of the solid-solid, fluid-solid, airy-solid, and radiant-solid substates of matter, (Fig. III).

These are kept in circulation in and through the physical body by the physical breath, which is the active side of the breath-form. With each inhalation there is an exhalation of matter through the openings of the body, including the pores of the skin. This physical atmosphere is usually invisible, though the sense
of sight can be adjusted to perceive some of its radiations. It is not like a cloud of dust, but has a definite boundary in which are zones and a whirling through them.

The physical atmosphere does not continue after death.

The psychic, mental and noetic atmospheres of the Triune Self are intelligent matter, not nature-matter, (Fig. V-B).

The psychic atmosphere surrounds and pervades the physical atmosphere of the body during life, and is spherical with a definite boundary;
It corresponds to the matter of the form world and is conscious in the degree of feeling-and-desire. Throughout the psychic atmosphere of the Triune Self is a definite circulation and surging, carried on through the blood and the physical atmosphere.

Surrounding and passing through the psychic atmosphere is the mental atmosphere, which is spherical and with a definite boundary.
It corresponds to the matter of the life world and is conscious in the degree of rightness-and-reason. That portion which is in the psychic atmosphere contracts and expands and in it is diffused Light of the Intelligence, like sunlight in a heavy fog.

This Light comes from the noetic atmosphere which surrounds and is present throughout the mental atmosphere.

The noetic atmosphere corresponds to the matter of the light world, and is conscious in the degree of I-ness-and-selfness or identity and knowledge. This atmosphere is clear; it is a colorless sphere of shadowless Light, which comes from its source directly into the noetic atmosphere.

Circulations of units are carried on through the four atmospheres by the breaths.

The physical breath connects the three atmospheres of the Triune Self with the corresponding three atmospheres of the human, (Fig. V-B), and, through the physical atmosphere, with the four systems, and it further connects all these atmospheres with their respective planes and worlds.

So the physical breath connects the constitution of the Triune Self, by way of the atmospheres of the human, with the nature organization in the physical body.

By means of the physical breath there is a current between the human and the corresponding planes and worlds and the fire, air, water, and earth elementals in them.

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