08 How Thoughts Are Generated

Now, concerning the generation of a thought.

In or through the physical atmosphere there is a constant pressing by elementals of the different worlds, to reach the organs and centers of the physical body so as to affect the feeling of the doer and get sensation through it.

They throng this way because they seek sensation, for they themselves have no feeling, no sensation through feeling, except as they can get it through the feeling of an animal or a human.

They are repelled or attracted by the character, good or bad, of the physical atmosphere. Elementals of the physical world are attracted or kept away particularly by the condition of the body, enfeebled, exhausted and unhealthy, or strong and vigorous.

The elementals of the different worlds meeting and thronging around the physical atmosphere enter and leave it with the physical breathing, which takes them in and out through the openings and nerve centers of the body. With the elementals throng the thoughts of other persons.

Elementals and thoughts of a sexual nature enter through the sex opening.
Elementals and thoughts of another kind having other aspects of sensation and excitement, enter through the navel and the pores.

These are here called simply elemental, because they are especially connected with romping or playing rather than with lust.

Such elementals and thoughts are those of hunger, thirst, running to see fires or accidents, doing such things as looking out of or into a window without having an object, splashing in water, dancing, making a noise, running, joining in a crowd, inquisitiveness without reason, mischief, traveling with swift movement, doing what gives a thrill or makes fun.

Through the navel enter also elementals and thoughts of anger, fear, malice, hatred and drunkenness.

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