09 Emotional Intellectual Thoughts

Emotional elementals and thoughts enter through the openings in the breasts.

They are of ordinary religious exercises, of social activities at dances, card games, races and banquets, of oratory, of music, of sympathy, of suffering, of tolerance, of pathos, of kindliness, of fanaticism and of prejudice.

In addition, elementals and thoughts may enter through the eye, ear, mouth or nose, which four organs of sense are common to all four classes of elementals.

Intellectual thoughts may enter from without or come from within.

If they come from without they enter through the openings in the head; if they come from within they arise in the head.

Of this order are intellectual thoughts concerned with sense perceptions, all thoughts of business, law, architecture, theology, chemistry and other branches of the natural and social sciences and speculations of a philosophical kind.

Elementals and thoughts of these various kinds enter through their appropriate gates at the proper swing of the breath.

Once in the body, to which they can gain access only through their likeness to the mental, psychic and physical atmospheres surrounding it, they stir the astral body, which is a body of radiant-radiant, airyradiant, fluid-radiant and solid-radiant units of physical matter, which are shaped into form by the much finer matter of the breath-form.

The astral body puts the elementals or the thoughts in touch with the sensory side of the involuntary nervous system which connects with the opening or nerve center.

The astral body also connects the elementals or the thoughts with the breath-form, while they are still in the nerve center. The breath-form is throughout the involuntary nervous system and is in this way reached by the elementals or the thoughts.

The breath-form, when touched by the elementals or thoughts, acts automatically through the motor fibers of the involuntary nerve, on the sensory fibers of the voluntary nerve, which corresponds to the nerve by which the elementals or the thoughts entered. The elemental or thought travels with this communication and arrives at the sensory side of the voluntary system.

There the breath-form puts the elemental or the thought in touch with feeling.

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