10 Seat Of Feeling The Kidneys

The seat of feeling is in the kidneys, at present. Feeling is usually not felt there; it extends throughout the body wherever the blood goes and nerves are.

There is no feeling in the involuntary nervous system, but only in the voluntary system; however, there are reactions between the voluntary and the involuntary systems, which let it appear that feeling is in the involuntary system.

But nature has no feeling and the system through which it works in the body has none.

The other side of feeling is desire. Desire has its center in the adrenals, but is not noticed there any more than feeling, its counterpart, is noticed in the kidneys. Desire responds to feeling, into which it shades imperceptibly, so that at no time a clear line can be drawn between the two.

There can be no feeling without some desire and no desire without some feeling. When feeling is affected desire acts from its seat in the adrenals and sends an adrenal secretion into the venous bloodstream and so to the heart and lungs. This secretion causes the blood in the lungs to take up oxygen, and so desire from the psychic atmosphere enters the arterial bloodstream, through the breath. Feeling and desire travel along the bloodstream and the nerves.

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