12 Passive Thinking

Passive thinking is the play of desire and mind, that is to say, the play of desire in the Light of the Intelligence, which is diffused in a part of the mental atmosphere.

It is the haphazard, purposeless, unintentional, random thinking which fills nearly all the waking hours of the run of human beings. It is produced by pictures, sounds, tastes, odors and contacts which strike the four senses, and by elementals which enter the openings of the body. It goes on without sequence, without reasoning, and it changes with each new impression that comes into the body.

By this flaccid and aimless thinking, a little of the Light that is found in the mental atmosphere is drawn off into nature by elementals as they leave through the openings. Only feeling and desire are concerned in this kind of thinking.

Passive thinking leaves impressions on the breathform.

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