13 Active Thinking

When these become strong enough a different kind of thinking is started. When an impression is marked distinctly and deeply enough it suggests the subject of thought for which it stands. If this is in accord with reason, reason directs Light of the Intelligence on the subject of thought.

The I-ness of the knower is a witness to the thinking. Thus passive thinking may induce and compel active thinking.

The motor nerves of the voluntary nervous system in the heart and lungs act on the sensory nerves in the pituitary body and the cerebrum, and the motor nerves from the hemispheres of the cerebrum react on the sensory nerves in the heart, which start again the motor nerves in the heart and lungs.

By this continuing process certain thinking on the subject of thought is urged on by desire and an effort is made to focus Light. This is active thinking.

It continues for a short time only, is intermittent and is the effort to hold the diffused Conscious Light of the Intelligence steadily on a given subject of thought.

Through active thinking thoughts are produced by the union of desire and an impression of nature with Light of the Intelligence.

In passive thinking, thinking merely plays in the Light, but by active thinking the Light is sought to be held on the subject of thought. During this effort a thought is conceived when Light unites with desire, that is, with the subject of thought.

The union is made in a point of naturematter which has been carried by desire into the mental atmosphere. Union can occur only when Light is sufficiently focussed, and this happens at the moment between the inbreathing and the outbreathing of the physical breath, at which time all the breaths are in phase.

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