02 First Exteriorization

A thought is a being, conceived by thinking, with a purpose and a plan. It is like an invisible blueprint to be exteriorized as an act or an object.

The exteriorized action is physical destiny.

The first exteriorization is physical destiny and, as such, produces its results. Even the first exteriorization is the concretion of many thoughts, all having a similar aim and flowing from the same motive.

One does not murder or steal or commit any dishonest action without having thought of murder, or planned to steal or harbored dishonest thoughts. One who thinks upon murder, theft or lust will find a way to put his thoughts into deeds. If of too cowardly a nature to do this he will become the prey to others' thoughts, or to invisible inimical influences which may, even against his wish, possess him at some critical time and urge him to perform the kind of act which he thought of as desirable and revolved in his brain, yet was too timid to execute.

In the same way acts of goodness, courtesy, delicacy, service or gratitude do not come out of thin air, but are the form in which long continued thinking of the same kind is expressed. Over weakness and hesitation at the critical time one may be helped by thoughts of others and by friendly influences which seize him and decide him to do the kind of act which he had thought of as ideal.

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