03 Successive Exteriorizations

Physical destiny is, however, not only what results from that first act.

The physical destiny of that thought comprises all the successive exteriorizations which are projected out of it. These take place whenever its cycle has led it again to the radiant-solid plane, and whenever on that plane it intersects one or more thoughts, whether of the one who created it, or of other persons.

These precipitations are from thoughts; from them there is no permanent escape.

There must be exteriorizations until adjustment is made. Everything existing on the physical plane is an exteriorization of a thought which must be balanced through the one who issued the thought, in accordance with his responsibility, and at the conjunction of time, condition and place.

That, in each instance, is the decree of the law. The destiny and decree do not reach beyond the physical plane.

Some psychic results are inevitable, as joy or sorrow; mental results are uncertain because they depend on the mental attitude. Neither, however, is a physical result. But they are to be considered because physical conditions continue on account of them.

There are three purposes in the operation of the law of thought, and they cause exteriorizations of thoughts as physical acts, objects and events.

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