05 Dependence On The Physical Plane

All worlds depend on the physical plane of the physical world of the sphere of earth for their development.

Progress of the matter in any sphere can be made only while the matter of that sphere is in the physical bodies of doers. There only is it under the influence of the Light of an Intelligence, and there only do all the worlds and spheres meet.

There matter circulates through the corresponding four zones of the physical atmosphere of the body. The circulation is kept up by the swing of the breath as it
comes and goes. The matter then circulates through the four systems of the fourfold body. The reason all matter can come together there is that there the physical planes of the four worlds interlock. By these circulations this body is built, maintained, made coarser or finer, kept in health or afflicted with disease, according to the thinking of the doer which inhabits it.

A thought is built into the body through nature units, elementals, which rush into the form which the thought assumes.

They build it out and precipitate it, as a handsome feature, a malformed part or a disease of the body; or they bring about actions and accidents as exteriorizations of the thought.

Beyond the physical plane the law of thought does not decree or compel results;

however, the results not directed or compelled by the law of thought, namely, the results on the doer which are produced by the physical events, are also means for teaching the doer. Life in a human body affords opportunities by which the doer is to be taught, trained and disciplined to be in union with his Triune Self.
The doer can become thus conscious only while living in a human body, never after the death of the body. Only while it is in its fleshly body is the doer in contact with all the worlds and spheres. The commingling of all the worlds and spheres is necessary as a condition under which a Triune Self can be raised to become conscious as an Intelligence.

The body is the result of the work of the doer during aeons. There are in human bodies doer portions of various degrees, on the descent and on the ascent. Both classes need physical bodies to work out their destiny. No two bodies are equal in any sense;

the doers in them are not equal in development, nor are their thoughts, which make the bodies. People who look at a human body cannot tell what is in it.

Position in life will not tell; a man of education may be rapidly descending, one who appears to be lowly may be advanced. In these physical bodies, however, all receive the destiny they have made for themselves, and through these crucibles passes the whole of nature in the human world of birth and death.

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