07 The Environment Of Birth

In all the varied conditions of life it is true that the environment in which one is born is due to those desires, ambitions and ideals for which he has worked in the past; or it is the result of that which he has forced upon others and which it is necessary for him to feel and understand; or it is the means for the beginning of a new line of effort to which his past actions have led.

Environment is one of the means by which physical conditions of life are brought about.

Environment is not a cause in itself, it is an effect, but as an effect it is often the origin of action and tendencies.

The human body, born into a certain environment, is there born because the environment furnishes the conditions through which the doer and body must work, and should learn. Environment controls animals; the human changes his environment according to his thinking and choosing. That may be limited, but every human has some choice and some power to engage in mental activities.

A physical life may be led in accordance with the tendencies due to birth and environment; in that case the man's development along those lines will go on and he will continue to be born in like environment. Or he may use up all the credit which birth and position have given him as the result of past works, and at the same time refuse to honor the claims of birth, position and race. In that case he will leave that sphere of activity.

The features and form of the body are true records of the thoughts which made them. Lines, curves and angles in their relation to one another, are like so many
written words which the thoughts and actions have formed. Each line is a letter, each feature a word, each organ a sentence, each part a chapter, and all make up a story of the past, fashioned by thinking and expressed in the human body. The lines and features are changed by and with one's efforts at thinking.

The kind of body which is born is the kind the doer has determined as a result of past thoughts.

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