08 Physical Heredity Is Destiny

Heredity is destiny.

Physical endowments, habits and traits, may seem to be clearly those of one's parents, especially in early youth.

Yet ultimately these physical peculiarities, habits of snuffling, whining, blinking, walking with hands in the pockets; or traits like a tendency to baldness, defective sight, gout, clubfoot or soft bones, are expressions of the thoughts of one's previous lives.

Inclinations may be modified or accentuated by the tendencies of the parents, and sometimes close association causes the features of two or more persons to resemble each other, yet all was regulated by one's own thinking.

What is called heredity of the body is only the medium through which the physical destiny is produced, the loom on which it is woven.

Parentage is selected because of the special properties inherent in the germs of the father and mother.

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