09 Healthy Or Sickly Bodies

Whether the new body is diseased or healthy depends among other things upon the abuse or care that was given to the past body.

If the body inherited is healthy, it means sobriety, frugality, work in the past; if sickly or diseased, it means that it is the result of gluttony, drunkenness, laziness or neglect.

A healthy or a diseased body is primarily and ultimately due to the antecedent use or abuse of the sex function. Another antecedent cause is the proper or improper use of food.

Disorders, if they exist when life is ended, are brought into the next physical life, at birth or later, and are what is called hereditary.

Such affections as soft bones, poor teeth, imperfect sight and cancerous growths, are due to the causes mentioned.

Blindness may result from many cumulative causes in former lives, like carelessness of one's own sight or destruction of another's. Former inordinate indulgence of sex may produce in this life paralysis of the optic nerve. Former misuse or abuse of the eye by overtaxing it or neglecting it may bring on blindness in the
present life. Blindness at birth may be caused by having inflicted upon others diseases of sex, or by having wilfully or carelessly deprived another of his sight.

He who is born deaf or dumb may be one who has wilfully listened to and acted upon lies told by others, or who has wronged others by spreading spiteful scandal, by lying or by bearing false witness. Dumbness may also have its cause in the abuse of sex. One of the reasons for blindness is that the sense of sight has its roots in the generative system, and the other senses are vitally connected with it.

The life of the physical body depends on the vitality and powers elaborated in the sex organs and distributed through the body. Eventually man will learn that it is necessary to check indulgence and waste in order to give power to the senses, and beauty, health and strength to the body.

Deformities, impairments and afflictions are often blessings in disguise. They may be checks which prevent one from doing things which he longs for or might do,
and which if done would prevent him from doing that work in the world which is his particular duty. They may interrupt a tendency which, if not stopped, would acquire such force as to lead him into idiocy, as in the case of a glutton or a rake. These checks are designed to give the doer an opportunity to reflect, to recuperate, to limit the tendency to self-indulgence and disregard of others' needs and rights.

So a doer is often saved from its destructive bent by an affliction which checks its ignorant belief in its own almightiness, and turns it onto the way of rectitude and honor.

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