10 Forms Of Grace And Beauty

Forms of grace and beauty are externalized thoughts.

As to beauty, two kinds may be distinguished. That a face or figure is beautiful does not necessarily signify that the thoughts are beautiful, they are often quite the reverse.

The beauty of many men and women in youth is the elemental beauty of nature, not the direct result of the presence of the Light of the Intelligence.

When the thinking has not opposed nature, the lines are well-rounded and graceful, and the features are even and well-adjusted, like particles which are grouped together in symmetrical regularity by sound. This is elemental beauty; it is the beauty of the daisy or the rose, of childhood and of youth.

From this elemental beauty is to be distinguished beauty issuing from strong,intelligent mental activities. This kind of beauty is seldom seen.

Between the two extremes, beauty of elemental innocence and that of serenity and of knowledge, are faces and forms of innumerable varieties.

When thinking is first practiced, the elemental beauty of face and figure may be lost. Then the lines become irregular, harder and more angular, and this continues during the process of training. But when the doer is at last beyond the control of the four senses and its thinking is done intelligently, the severe lines are again changed; they are softened and express the beauty of peace, derived from a cultured, balanced, strong and virtuous doer.

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