12 Unjust Persecutions Errors Of Justice

He who is unjustly persecuted, convicted or imprisoned, is he who in a past life, or even in the present one, has, through malice, greed or indifference, caused others to be deprived unjustly of their liberty.

He suffers captivity and its horrors of diseases, of an enfeebled body, of vitiated morals, so that he may experience and sympathize with such sufferings and may avoid false accusation or causing others to be coerced and to lose their liberty and health.

Many are today the victims of errors of justice, who deserve this galling fate because of the wantonness with which they discharged their duties while they had power, sat in the judgment seat or refrained through indolence or selfishness from doing what they might have done to bring about fair judgment.

The wardens of prisons, of poorhouses and insane-asylums, the guardians of infants, in short all in whose charge are placed the life, health and fate of others, are held to the strictest account for their acts and omissions in the performance of their duty.

Neglect, rancor or venality in the discharge of one's duty, will draw him inevitably into the position of his victims, there to undergo the wrongs he has done or has
allowed to be done, to them. Escape for a day or for a life is not escape forever.

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