13 Special Case Of Physical Retribution

A special case of physical retribution is that of a congenital idiot.

His condition is the result of past actions in many lives in which there have been only physical indulgences of the appetites, actions which are all debits and no credits. The congenital idiot has no drawing account, all physical credits having been used up. He is likely to be the last appearance for an indefinite period of a portion of the doer in human form.

Before this last appearance the doer has lived many lives of depravity and decadence, in neglected districts of cities or in the country, among peons, cretins
and the backward dwellers on mountain sides. Finally comes the last appearance as a hopeless idiot.

The chief producing causes of this fate are sexual abuses, narcotics and drunkenness.

Such an anomaly as an idiot who has some one faculty abnormally developed, is the remnant of a man who has indulged the senses and the abnormalities of sex, but who has carried on the study of one particular subject, such as music or mathematics, and devoted himself to that.

Idiots, congenital or otherwise, become so by the withdrawal of the doer portion from the human, as a result of opportunities persistently neglected or misused.

With the doer portion goes the Light of the Intelligence.

The span of life of every human is already determined at the close of his previous life, but the period may be sometimes lengthened or shortened.

The length of the span was marked on the form of the breath-form at death, and that impresses the sign on the first cell with which the building of the new body begins. Accordingly a coil is developed in the astral body, by elementals. The coil will let a certain amount of life force pass, namely, enough for the span of the person's life.

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