17 Poverty Reversals

He who is born in poverty, who feels at home in poverty and makes no effort to overcome his poverty, is a feeble, indolent and ignorant person, who has done little in the past and so has little in the present.

He will be driven by hunger and want or be brought by love of those dependent upon him to work, as the only escape from the dull treadmill of poverty.

He who is born in poverty with ideals, talents or high ambitions, may be one who has ignored physical conditions and spent his energies in dreaming and in castle building.

He who suddenly suffers reversals of fortune may be one who in the past has deprived others of their property, or who has neglected to protect his own.

The present experience is a lesson necessary to make him feel the physical want and suffering which loss of prosperity brings, and to make him sympathize with others who experience it.

Or the loss of fortune may be required by destiny as a check on developing tendencies, or as preparation for other work.

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