18 Possession Of Wealth

The possession of wealth is the result of work or worship in the present or in the past life.

Physical labor, intense desire, worship of the money god, and continual thought, are the means by which money is obtained. Upon the predominance of any
one factor will depend the amount. The unskilled laborer in field, mine or shop, who uses little thought and does not carefully direct his desire, must work hard and long to earn enough for a scanty existence. With more intense desire and more thought, the laborer becomes skilled and is able to earn more.

When money itself, not merely food, clothing and shelter, is the object of desire, thinking provides the means by which it may be obtained. Then wider fields are sought, where money is to be made and greater opportunities are seen and taken advantage of.

To obtain vast sums of money a man must have made money the chief object of his life and have sacrificed other interests to the worship of the money god.

When he has paid the price in worship, the money god will put him in touch with other men having the same aims, whom he will be able to use in getting the money he craves, or the money god will put him into a position where he can levy directly or indirectly upon a multitude as in the case of tax-eaters, bondholders, army contractors, government builders or franchise owners.

Sometimes the money does not come soon, but then it comes in another life in the shape of inheritance, good fortune, gifts,sinecures or pensions, without present work or worship.

Yet such things do not happen except for the work and worship of the past.

According to the right or wrong use of money will one suffer or enjoy what money brings.

When money is the chief object of one's existence, he is unable to enjoy fully the physical things which its use can provide, and money makes him indifferent to the wrongs he does, deaf to the sorrows of others and careless of his own true needs.

Money, again, is the Nemesis which is the close and constant companion of those who pursue it. So one who finds pleasure in the hunt for money continues the hunt until it becomes a mad chase. Frequently the long hours of thought and labor required to amass his riches have ruined his health and he dies a discontented man.

Money may open up other sources of misery to the money worshipper. He may use his money in ostentation or vice. He often neglects his children and leaves them to be cared for by others. It may be noticed that insanity and degeneracy are frequent among the idle and luxurious offspring of the rich. In their turn, these degenerate children are the money worshippers of other days.

The love of money drew them into a rich family, but money is now a curse.

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