19 The Born Thief

Different from the future of the mere miser or dollar-hunter is that of those who are unscrupulous and dishonest in the acquisition of money.

The lot of successful usurers, engrossers of necessaries, sellers of adulterated food, schemers, promoters and floaters of financial bubbles, is in the future that of common thieves or robbers. Persons who individually or as members of privileged classes obtain through force or corruption special privileges to the injury of others, are legalized robbers.

These characters, of thieves and oppressors, which they developed, will find their true expression later, when they are externalized.

Then without the cover of legality, money, station or influence, they are born as rogues, and complain of the injustice of their lot. The born thief who is hounded from birth and soon comes to grief is the successful thief of a past life who plundered or defrauded others without then suffering the consequences. He is now paying the debts which he then incurred, whether he was a pilfering servant, a pickpocket, a common spoiler, a robber baron, a tax-eater, a food engrosser, a bribe-taker or any other kind of a cheat or fraud;

whether his acts were labelled as crime or not, they were dishonest, that was enough.

If he has had the character of a thief, that character eventually becomes externalized physically, when he is the "born thief", who "never had a chance". He is marked, outlawed, convicted and caged as a rogue.

The physical suffering which one may have caused, the poverty which he may have brought to others by outwitting them or by depriving them of their property,
must all in turn be suffered by him.

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