23 Facts Of History

The actual facts of history are little known. Glorification of their nation and religion in schoolbooks, selection of favourable topics on public occasions, suppression of facts, a catch phrase here and there, are what all who are not close observers of history get concerning it.

The weaknesses and misdeeds of individuals, and the inertia, incompetence and corruption of those engaged in public and national affairs, usually remain hidden,from all but the law.

Largely from these unobserved facts come the group destiny of oppression, injustice, war, revolutions, heavy taxes, strikes, pauperism and epidemics.

Those who complain of these misfortunes are among their contributory causes.

Seemingly unimportant things may be factors in physical destiny.

Only a portion of what man eats can be used by him; that which he cannot use belongs to the earth.

He should return to the earth, in a sanitary way, the refuse of the body after he has used the food which the earth has yielded for him. A community which conducts its waste and putrescent matter into a river or lake, does a wrong. Such matter befouls the water. Many diseases and epidemics in cities have been caused thereby.

This is group destiny.

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