01 Form Destiny

The law of thought does not decree events beyond the physical plane, that is, beyond physical destiny.What then is psychic destiny?

Psychic destiny is a name for two kinds of destiny.

One kind, form destiny, affects nature-matter on the form plane, and has to do chiefly with prenatal influences.

The other, strictly psychic destiny, has to do with states in the psychic atmosphere of the doer, and affects the doer after the birth of the body. This is what is here called psychic destiny.

Form destiny is a thought so far advanced toward exteriorization that elementals have already built out the form of it as a future physical act, object or event. This form abides on the form plane of the physical world, ready for appearance on the physical plane when there is a juncture of time, condition and place to give it entrance; then it takes a set and is fixed in the radiant substates of the physical plane as physical destiny.

This happens when the cycle of the thought, thus partly in form, intersects the cycle of at least one other thought of the same or of some other person.

All physical destiny comes out of the ether, which is the solid state of matter on the form plane. It comes through the radiant, airy and fluid states of the physical plane into the solid state of the physical plane. There it appears in sensible, tangible actions and conditions, produced by elementals of the causal, portal, form and structure kinds under the control of structure elementals. The fluid, plastic form matter is hardened from the ether into the stiff material world.

Only a small part can be precipitated at one time, because time, condition and place, which are different on the physical plane, limit the amount of form destiny that can come through. All in a thought that has become form is destiny; its arrival in the physical state may be postponed, but cannot be permanently avoided.

Psychic destiny is all that relates to the human who is conscious as feeling-anddesire. Such psychic destiny comprises all the states and powers of the doer in its psychic atmosphere.

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