02 Six Classes Of Psychic Destiny

Psychic destiny is of six classes.

The first class is the feeling of pleasure or pain when the physical body is affected by contact.

The second is the feeling of joy or sorrow when the doer is affected without physical contact, as by receipt of a message or by anticipation of a pleasure or of a calamity.

The third class of psychic destiny,and the most important, is the character of the human, his disposition, endowments,sentiments, instincts, virtues and vices. This make-up comes into being before birth and lasts through life and for some time after death.

The fourth class is sleep with its restoration of bodily energy, dreams, the adjustment of the doer during sleep, and states similar to sleeping and dreaming, where the doer relaxes its hold on the senses.

The fifth class is death itself and the processes of death.

The sixth class is shown in the psychic conditions through which the doer passes after death during the periods of its metempsychosis, heaven, transmigrations and re-existence, (Fig. V-D).

Three things are directly affected by psychic destiny: the aia, the breath-form and the doer.

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