03 The Aia

The first of these three things, the aia, is the principle of form for a human.

It is matter in a neutral state, matter which is no longer nature-matter but is not yet intelligent-matter and does not belong to any one of the four worlds of the earth sphere.

The aia, like the mathematical point, is without dimension; it is not a form; it has neither parts nor size; it cannot be perceived by any of the four senses.

The aia came out of Substance as a unit of fire, progressed through all the degrees of nature matter until it became an aia, and is destined to become a Triune Self. Beings below the human stage have no aias.

At the time of conception the aia which is itself without form and without dimension revivifies the form of the breath-form, which is to be distinguished from the radiant or astral body of the human.

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