04 The Breath Form

The second of the three things affected by psychic destiny, the breath-form, has an active side which is the physical breath, and a passive side, the form, which receives impressions from the senses, and from the doer when it thinks.

The aia stands back of the breath-form through life and after death until the breath of the breath-form is put out of phase with the form.

The breath-form is an automaton; it is a harlot and an angel for nature and for the doer. It goes with that which is the stronger; it responds to the call that makes the strongest impression; it obeys man's basest desires, yet it is his angel because, after it has been purified, it takes him into heaven. It is most delicately sensitive. It has no inclination to right or wrong, good or bad, health or disease. It responds to impressions made upon it, and then projects them and gives them form.

The breath-form does with the physical body whatever it is bidden to do by the senses or by the doer. It offers no resistance unless it is bidden to resist.

It lives in the involuntary nervous system. From its station in the brain, the front half of the pituitary body (Fig. VI-A,a), it operates automatically the involuntary functions of the body.

The physical destiny of the body is worked through the breath-form. Elementals build out the radiant-solid or astral body, and therefrom the airy-, fluid-, and solid-solid bodies or masses from invisible marks impressed on the breath-form.

All living beings or things that have form in the world of change, from a gnat to an elephant, from a toadstool to a star, from a devil to a god, get their forms through the breath-forms of human beings after death. These breath-forms express in nature the impressions they have borne as the record of human thinking and thoughts.

Expression into nature forms is automatic; elementals of the causal, portal, form and structure kinds have to obey, build out and body forth the signatures on the breathform. Each breath-form has issued millions of forms in and for nature and continues to issue them.

The breath-form cannot be seen by clairvoyants. That which is sometimes seen as phosphorescent, luminous or star-like, is the astral or radiant-solid body, which must not be mistaken for the breath-form.

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