05 The Breath Form And Conception

Before conception of the physical body, the aia is in the psychic atmosphere.

There it revivifies the form with its breath as the breath-form unit. Gradually the breath-form sinks to the light plane of the physical world. As it is lowered, life matter from the life plane and form matter from the form plane of the physical world collects around the invisible breath-form, which begins to glow.

The breath-form is then like an ember that is coming to life, and this ember is the breath-form of the future physical human being. The breath-form is an invisible physical unit.

At the time of copulation of the parents, this breath-form enters their joined physical atmospheres, flashing with lightning speed through their breaths and blood
and along all the nerves, and then or later the form of the breath-form blends the radiant part of the seed cell with the radiant part of the soil cell. A vortex is formed at the blending. Radiant matter begins to flow into the vortex and so builds up the radiant or astral body.

The physical cells divide, multiply by division and make up the fleshly body according to the model of the radiant body, made by the form of the breath-form.

This astral body is radiant matter which now begins to change and take on the visible embryonic forms leading eventually to the human form. The general form has remained and will remain the same throughout the present period of human progress and is not carved out by the thoughts of each person in the preceding life.
People cannot think of themselves except as in this form; so they perpetuate the type.

An individual determines by his thoughts in one life the changes which will be brought about through his aia for the succeeding life; thus an athlete may become a hunchback, a beauty a hag, and vice versa.

From the time of conception the form grows from the state of the glowing ember and gives form to the radiant matter of the cells of the embryo which is drawn into the vortex, so it builds up the radiant body and according to that the airy, the fluid and the fleshly bodies. The form which expands is the reproduction of the form of the last life of the doer, with the variations as to feature, habits and rudimentary tendencies to health and disease, into which past thoughts will be exteriorized at the proper age of the fleshly body.

During fetal development the breath of the breath-form is separated from its form, but will again unite with it at the birth of the body.

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