07 Breath Form And Animals

The breath-form is for communication of the doer with nature by the body-mind, through the senses.

Animals do not have a breath-form; they do not need a breathform,because they do not think, though it is often supposed that animals do think.

How then, it may be asked, can animals feel and desire without the breath-form?

The answer is that the feelings and desires of animals are automatically put directly in touch with nature through the four senses of nature, by sight and hearing, and by taste and smell. The animal feels and desires with that portion of the feeling-and-desire of the doer, cast off after death, which animates and is the type of the animal.

While having modified characteristics of human beings, animals are relieved from the restrictions of human thinking according to human customs; they are dependent on the senses in their relation to nature. They are impressed by nature directly through the senses and respond immediately to the impressions received.

Thinking would inhibit their immediate response to impressions. Animals are specialists in response to nature impressions through the senses, without inhibitions.

After death the breath-form remains for a while with the doer, but later is separated from it. The doer and its breath-form unit are in touch and out of touch at
various times after death. At the end of the heaven period, the breath and form of the breath-form unit are out of phase and are quiescent.
When it is time for the new life on earth, the aia stimulates the breath, which revivifies its form and then is the breathform for the next physical body.

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