08 The Astral Body

The aia is not the astral or radiant-solid body, nor is the breath-form the astral body.

The astral body is a body of radiant matter, not a unit. It is made of radiant matter of the physical plane, of the same matter as are the stars and lightning.

It may be seen at times as separate from the physical body, but the aia and the breath-form cannot be seen at all.

The astral body grows with the fetus and after birth surrounds the nerves through which the breath-form lives. The destruction and dissipation of the astral body, as by burning or decay, does not affect the aia or the breath-form.

The astral body has little more permanence than has the gross physical body. However, it is nearly as different from the solid-solid as is the breath-form from it.

The astral body is the means by which figure is transmitted from the breath-form to the fleshly body.

  • It is plastic, elastic and electric.
  • It can exhibit tremendous strength, can extend beyond or out of the physical body, and get away from it for some distance.
  • It can be molded into any shape and take any color. It may diminish or increase in size.

Physical bodies cannot be mutilated without destroying them; thus the head cannot be flattened or elongated, or a sword cannot be pushed through the heart without causing death. But the astral body can for a time assume any shape and return uninjured to its physical body. So it is possible that a person while walking through a garden may reach out his astral arm and pluck an apple or a flower, or in a room apport objects, which then come to him through the air by means invisible to one who cannot see the operator's astral body.

The astral body of a medium furnishes the matter in which materializing entities clothe themselves; when they cease to use it, it reenters the body of the medium. In these and other respects the astral body differs from the breath-form.

The third of the three things affected by psychic destiny, the doer, and the manner in which it is so affected, are discussed in subsequent pages.

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