10 Six Classes Of Psychic Destiny

The six classes of strictly psychic destiny are all subjective states. These, as well as mental and noetic destiny, are the interiorizations and their effects, which are produced upon a doer by what happens to its body on the physical plane.

Some of the interior effects of the first class, which are those of pleasure and pain from physical contact, result with certainty. These are directly reward and punishment and, while they are not decreed by the law of thought, they result necessarily. They are used to make or enforce payment and to teach lessons. While it does not follow that there can be no learning without previous payment, there is in most cases no learning without it. Besides, the paying is a part of universal adjustment and, as it consists in having pleasure or pain as the immediate result of exteriorizations in physical events, it cannot be avoided.

Psychic destiny of the second class, joy or sorrow without physical contact, is also unavoidable.

The third class relates to the character of the human being, his disposition, endowments, sentiments, instincts, virtues and vices. While the make-up of the doer portion in the body is stamped in rudimentary form on the aia, the human can exercise a right of choice whether he will submit to or fight against his temperament, disposition and desires. Therefore character does not necessarily result from exteriorizations of thinking and thoughts alone. The character brought over from the past life was impressed upon the aia, and when time, condition and place are fit, the traits will appear in physical actions. Psychic effects appear also in some of the vices, such as drunkenness and gambling, and in certain psychic states, as gloom, pessimism, malice, fear and despair and, on the other hand, as hopefulness, joyousness, trust and ease.

The fourth class of psychic destiny is sleep and other states where the doer is not in control of the four senses, as hallucinations, somnambulism, hypnosis and self suggestion.

The fifth class is death and the process of death.

The sixth class relates to states after death, (Fig. V-D), the Judgment, the hells and heaven. From heaven the doer sinks at last at the fullness of its eternity, onto the light plane of the form world and there awaits connection with the physical body which is being prepared for it and in which it will re-exist.

The psychic destiny of the fourth, fifth, and sixth classes is unavoidable.

With these preliminary remarks on psychic destiny as a basis, we can now proceed to a more detailed discussion of form destiny and strictly psychic destiny

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