11 Form Destiny Prenatal Influences

One's form destiny begins with prenatal influences on the body in which he will dwell, and lasts through life and beyond death until the end of his heaven period.

The race to which the body will belong had been determined at the end of the previous life. The family in that race in which the body will be formed is selected to meet the requirements of the doer's destiny. The doer portion which is to re-exist brings about the influences which will affect its body during formation, and will provide it through the family with such tendencies as are the result of its past thoughts and fit the opportunities of the present.

Hardly ever is anyone in after life conscious of the suffering incident to the formation of the body in its place in the womb. He who does remember is one who
understands his own shortcomings and his duties and the failings of his fellows, who sympathizes with the weakness of others and who endeavors to assist in the
difficulties of life.

The selection of a family and of the time for building the body often involves many problems. The physical destiny of the doer-in-the-body must fit in with
innumerable events in the lives of others and with public matters. Time, condition and place are all-important. To be born too soon or too late would mean being a misfit in the social order.

The time for the beginning of a certain body must be selected so as to allow the cycles of its own life to intersect cycles in the lives of others with whom it is
to be connected. When the selection has been made and at the time of conception, the breath-form enters the atmosphere of the father and mother.

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