25 Gloom

Gloom is a psychic state, a state of feeling and of unsatisfied desires. It is not a state created in the present, but comes from the past.

It was there created by brooding over unsuccessful attempts to satisfy a desire, without understanding the reason for the lack of success. A person busy with attempts to satisfy an appetite has no chance to brood. No matter what other trouble he will get into, if he keeps busy he will keep away gloom.

At any period in the present when he is disappointed or depressed by acts or events, his gloom comes over him and envelops him. Gloom overtakes a person in cyclic periods. If he welcomes it, broods over the present and feels dissatisfied, that feeling feeds and adds to the gloom, which becomes ever deeper and
its cycle more frequent. Finally gloom is always with him. Some people may even enjoy it as a steady companion, but this cannot last. The accumulation of gloom, an undefined, indistinct feeling, will lead to tangible and definite despondency and despair.

The cure for gloom is resolution and action. Desire cannot be satisfied or put down or killed; but it can be changed. It can be changed only by thinking. The best way to dissipate gloom is to inquire into it and try to see how and why it came. This very inquiry will tend to drive it away and it is at once weakened by resolution and action. At each return of the gloom its force will be lessened, if it is so met. Finally this treatment will dissipate it.

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