27 Malice

Malice is a state of the doer in which without provocation it desires harm to another or to people in general.

The malice in revenge, jealousy, envy and anger is not referred to here. There are people who rejoice at the loss or injury that befalls others and who delight in doing harm and causing pain, injury or loss. This general state comes on by continual indulgence in anger, envy, jealousy, hatred and revenge.

From the temporary outburst of these passions, the doer gradually becomes the channel through which malignant creatures opposed to humanity work. Then such a man will himself be cut off from the Light of his Intelligence and become a human aligned with evil forces against other human beings.

This destiny can be prevented by checking the continual indulgence in anger and the other outbursts of passion. This is not saying that a man should not be angry under provocation, but refers to giving way to bursts of malignant passion. Besides checking the outbursts, he should put himself in the other's place and try to be just, after having ascertained all the facts.

Very often he himself is to blame. He should try to have a feeling of forbearance and goodwill.

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