29 Hope

Hope, which is concerned chiefly with feelings and desires, is born with the doer and is its companion. It is like a flash or reminiscence from the unmanifested.

Hope is one of the great things in the experiences of the doer. It is linked with Intelligence and with ignorance. This is one of the mysterious things about hope.

It connects the unmanifested with the manifested. It is that which does not change when Substance manifests in a primordial unit, nor does it change during all the changes of the unit, nor even after it becomes part of the doer in a human. The doer in the human is the first stage in which it may be perceived and where it can be felt as a state.

It is in the Intelligence also and affects it. In the human it is a foretaste of conscious immortality.

When the doer tries to grasp it, it disappears, but it soon reappears and then the human chases after it. It is often accused of deceiving, because the thing on which it seemed to rest has failed the human. This is not the fault of hope, but of the human, who must learn that he cannot depend upon things of sense.

Hope remains with the doer to teach it this through all its lives in joy or sorrow, ease or discontent. So it performs a mighty function.

Hope is undying. As soon as the doer has failed to learn and is sunk in the slough of despondency and gloom, hope comes again and, like a beam of light, leads the doer out if the doer will follow. Without hope the human could not remain human.

When the human is exhausted by grief or remorse, covered with shame and abandoned by the world, hope glimmers and brightens into a ray of light. The doer, in its darkest hours, looks for hope. While it looks for hope it cannot fail altogether. Hope cannot save the human, but it shows the way by which one can save himself and earn his conscious immortality.

Hope cannot give the doer wisdom or knowledge. It cannot give anything, but it can dimly show the way to everything that is attained, and to everything that fails; but the human must learn which is the way to failure and which the way to knowledge, immortality and wisdom. To the embodied doer hope is a feeling. While the doer seeks sensation hope must remain a feeling. To know hope the human must follow it out of the senses and into the Light of the Intelligence.

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