30 Joyousness

Joyousness is the sparkling good spirits that flow out of a healthy disposition.

This comes as the natural expression of good feeling and continued activities without intent to do wrong. It is characteristic of the youth of the doer, but the doer may carry its joyousness with it through ages of bitter experiences. It pours out like the fullthroated melody of the thrush, or enters into the feelings of others like the mimicry of the mockingbird or rises out of itself like the song of the skylark.

It drives away gloom, melancholy and dull care as sunshine melts mists and darkness away.

Joyousness remains with the doer as long as the doer has no settled intent to harm anyone. The thing that shuts out joyousness is malice. Feelings of hatred, envy, bitterness or ill-will, drive joyousness away and keep it out. It should be a natural part of the disposition of the doer, and while it is kept it attracts elementals which are sprightly, graceful, well disposed, like fun and carry life.

They pour into the doer and keep up the wellspring of life. The age of the body is no bar to them, though they are chiefly attracted to youth. But young or old, it depends upon the doer, for joyousness is with the doer and is not a matter of the body.

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