31 Trust

Trust is a natural feeling of the doer that it can depend upon life, that it will not be harmed, that it can get along and find its way, that whatever the conditions are it will be borne over them, that it will swim and not sink.

Trust sometimes is an indication that the human is innocent, without a wide experience, that he has not come into contact with all phases of life.

When trust that is due to innocence is betrayed or fails, the human will show feelings of rancor, bitterness, gloom, doubt and suspicion. On the other hand, trust may be an evidence that the doer has had a wide, deep, lasting experience and that it can be depended upon by other doers.

The doer itself will show by its speech and actions whether the state of trust is due to innocence or is its character as the result of long experience.

Eventually the human learns that he can trust and that it is better to trust and that there is a law that works for betterment, even though he cannot quite understand it. This is one of the reasons for religious faith. Trust is a reward for duties well performed, for goodwill, generosity and helpfulness. Trust is an expression of fundamental inclination to honesty.

Even if this quality of trust seems at times out of place and without foundation, yet when the doer feels forsaken or cast down, it will bear it up and carry it along. The doer's periods of dejection, if any, will be very short and it will never entertain bitterness or doubt. There will be always an underlying feeling that there is something to rely on, something that is beyond vicissitudes and all changes, and that it is with the doer.

Ease is a further development of trust. Only a developed doer can feel at ease in riches or in poverty, in sickness or in health. Ease comes to a doer only after it has been the victor in many battles and difficulties and has learned their ways and how to live with them. Ease does not depend on easy circumstances, but the doer maintains its ease notwithstanding any outward conditions, favorable or adverse. Ease is a feeling of confidence that the doer will find its way through life, and is a compensation for work well done in prior lives.

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