37 Twelve Stages Of The Doer From One Earth Life To Next

There are twelve states, stages, or conditions constituting one round which each doer portion passes through from one life to its next life on earth, (Fig. V-D).

When the doer eventually becomes conscious that its body has died, it awakens as after sleep. If the fourfold physical body has not yet been dissipated by cremation or by the decay of the flesh body, the doer may be held by its desires on the form plane of the physical world.

If the body has been dissipated, the doer when it awakens is in its psychic atmosphere on the physical or the form plane of the physical or the form world. The doer does not know any more of these planes than it knew of them in life.

In either case the doer is with its breath-form and its four senses. It can see, hear, taste, smell and feel, and it is conscious in its breath-form. It lives over its past life, not from childhood to the time of death, but its entire life is made a composite and it lives that composite. It is in its own world, in its psychic atmosphere. Its acts, its events and its environments are those they were on earth and as real as it perceived and felt them to be in life.

It is dressed in a favorite dress as in dreams, or with the composite dress. It meets the people it met on earth and speaks and acts with them and they with it, similarly as in a dream on earth. These are not the earth people or doers, but a reproduction of them as impressed on the breath-form, by thoughts of them during life. The doer does not in this state go through extreme sorrow or extreme joy. Some doers go through this state for an hour, and others for many years of earth time before going to judgment. Some receive their judgment as soon as they awaken.

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