38 After Death The Doer Lead A Composite Life

Nothing more is there known about the after-death states than was known during life.

Sooner or later in this way the doer becomes aware that it is to be judged for its thoughts and deeds on earth. It goes through what impresses it to be a passage, and emerges in what seems to be a hall of Light, which is present in every part of the doer.

The doer would retreat into the passage to escape the Light, but the passage has disappeared. It seeks a way to escape from the Light; it seeks something to shield it from the Light; but the Light is everywhere; there is nowhere for the doer to go and nothing that can intercept the Light.

It tries to call upon God, as it thought of God during life, to save it, but it cannot pronounce his name. It calls upon its friends, its protectors, its dependents, its money, its power, its good works, but none can enter the Light. It would accept the help of the very devil, if it believed in a devil, to get out of
that Light; if its bad works would convict it and damn it into hell it would summon them, but it is conscious that not even these would take it out of the Light.

It feels that this Light, the Conscious Light of Intelligence, is conscious of everything, and that it is now alone in this.

Gradually the Light makes the doer aware that it does not even own the form it is in. Then the doer and the breath-form separate.

The doer feels naked, stripped of its very breath-form, but is conscious. The breath-form with its four senses stands before it. There is silence. The doer cannot see or hear. The Light which is through the breath-form brings out all the thoughts that were invisibly impressed upon it during the life which has passed.

The deeds in life, the objects with which the doer and the body were concerned, the persons and the places and the settings, are brought out by the Light and shut off from the doer. They appear with the thoughts which the doer issued about them during life. These thoughts in their stages toward exteriorization are shown through the breath-form. The doer feels as though it saw and heard all that appears upon the breath-form that was its own.

The entire life passes and is felt by the doer.

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