03 Religions

Religions center about a God or gods. These deities are credited with universal powers to account for the operation of universal forces. Gods and forces alike, however, are subject to the Intelligences and the complete Triune Selves, who rule this world according to the law of thought.

It is due to the operation of this law as destiny that events occur on the physical plane in the harmonious manner which makes certain the continuance of the law's operation so that the plan of the Universe may be carried out and its purpose accomplished.

Religions have been substitutes for what a knowledge of the law of thought should be, and for what it eventually will be to man, when the human is able to stand more Light.

Among such substitutes is a belief in a God who is supposed to be all-wise, all-powerful, ever-present; but whose alleged actions are arbitrary and capricious and show jealousy, vindictiveness, and cruelty.

Such religions have held the minds of men in bondage. In this bondage they have received fragmentary and distorted information about the law of thought; what they received was all they could stand at the time. In every age one of the Gods was represented as a ruler, and as the giver of a law of justice; but his own acts did not seem just.

A solution of this difficulty was sometimes found in an after death adjustment in a heaven or a hell; at other times the matter was left open.

As the human becomes more enlightened he will find in the clear and precise understanding of the law of thought that which will satisfy his sense and reason; and he will accordingly outgrow the need for belief in the doctrine, or of fear and faith in the decrees of a personal God.

The rationality of the law of thought is in marked contrast to the various contradictory or
irrational teachings concerning the origin and nature and destiny of that which has been called the soul; and it should dissipate the general ignorance that has existed concerning the soul.

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