06 Formation Of The Body

Every human body that comes into this world is fashioned in its mother according to the form, the soul, which enters her body through her breath and causes the conception of the body which is to be fashioned. At birth the physical life-breath of the breath-form enters the infant body, and in the heart it unites with the form aspect and then is the breath-form; thereupon the breath-form performs its functions as the "living soul" of the body.

The form is, and throughout that lifetime it will be, the type or pattern according to which the living breath of the breath-form will build out into a visible structure the units of nature-matter, solid, fluid, airy, and radiant, of which that changing body is composed.

When the doer separates from the body at death the breath-form leaves with it. The nature units of which the body is composed return to the four states or elements to which they belong. The form aspect of the breath-form, that is, the "soul", accompanying the doer portion that had been in the body, passes through the various after-death states; and according to the doer's destiny it will in due time be again the form which will be the cause of the conception and the form for the building up of another human body, another nature machine in which the re-existing doer will resume its work in the world, and live out that portion of its destiny which it had made, by its thinking.

From these statements it will be seen that the vague and indeterminate, equivocal and bewildering term soul alludes to that very important elemental entity, the breath-form, a nature unit which is conscious as its function, in the most advanced degree in nature,

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