07 The Twelve Portions Of The Doer

To briefly restate at this point certain facts made evident in the Introduction: The doer is feeling-and-desire in the body. Feeling, though generally believed to be a fifth sense as touch, is not a sense; it is not of nature. Feeling is the passive side, or aspect, of the doer; desire is the active side. Feeling-and-desire in the body are not two or separate: they blend into each other and are always functioning together, an inseparable twain, the opposites in the doer. One dominates the other and had determined the sex of the body.

That which feels and desires and thinks in the human body, that which experiences and does the things that are done in the world, is the doer.

That doer-in-the-body, however, is only one of twelve portions of the entire doer. These twelve portions are inseparable, but each portion reexists separately; the twelve re-exist successively, one after another, one at a time, in life after life.

The entire doer is only one part, the psychic part, of the three integral parts of its immortal Triune Self. The other two are the thinker, the mental part, and the knower, the noetic part.

Because of the imperfections and limitations of the human body, the thinker and knower parts of the Triune Self do not dwell in the body as does the embodied portion of the doer part; they merely contact the body by means of nerve centers. Hereafter, for the sake of brevity when the meaning of the text is clear, the single word doer will be used instead of such words as doer-inthe-body, embodied doer portion, the portion of the doer existing in the human body.

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