10 Transition Of A Breath Form Unit To The State Of Aia

From the universal plan outlined in the foregoing pages it will be seen that the sphere of earth is of nature-matter and intelligent-matter; and that Consciousness, unchangeable and the same throughout, is present everywhere.

In order that a nature unit may become an intelligent unit, it must have reached the limit of progression on the nature-side; that is, it must have become the breath-form unit in a perfect body.

The next degree takes the breath-form unit beyond the bounds of nature. Then it is an aia unit, as the intermediary point or line between nature and the intelligent-side, (Fig. II-G,H), belonging however to the intelligent-side.

The transition of the breath-form unit to the degree of aia, is made while the doer is in its perfect, immortal physical body in the Realm of Permanence; that is, according to the Eternal Order of Progression, as follows:

The unmanifested of a unit is Sameness, which is in and through the manifesting active and passive aspects of the unit, (Fig. II-C). The manifesting active and passive aspects alternately change until each is adjusted to the other by the unchanging Sameness, so that they are equalized and balanced, and the unit is Sameness throughout.

It is so with the breath-form unit: its unmanifested is the sum of all functions as which it was successively conscious during its entire progress through all preceding degrees as a nature unit in that perfect body. As the sum those degrees do not function; they are neutral; they are as Sameness. But those degrees qualify the manifesting aspects as breath-form to function: to keep in operation and functioning all the units in that perfect body. And the aia unit is in the perfect body, in the transitional state and degree to which the breath-form is developing.

The breath-form is the most advanced degree to which a nature unit can progress, always in a perfect body. By the doer of the Triune Self that dwelt in that perfect body the breath-form was balanced. And at the same time all other units in the perfect body were ready to advance one degree in being conscious. So the breath-form was made ready to be advanced to the neutral state, the transitional state, between nature-matter and intelligent-matter.

When the Triune Self of that perfect body becomes an Intelligence it raises the aia of that body to take its place and degree as Triune Self, which then advances the breath-form to the state of aia, as stated; and, that new Triune Self takes charge of the body. But in doing this all the units of that perfect body have advanced one higher degree in being conscious.

Therefore there must be an alignment of units in their advanced degrees, especially with the new breath-form and its senses and their organs. And there must be an adjustment by the doer of the Triune Self through which it will maintain and keep the perfect body in operation.

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