11 Eternal Order Of Progression The Govt Of The World

This adjustment is a critical and most important process.

Some advancements made by units in the perfect body are: The unit of the sense of smell, that is, its active aspect, breath, is, together with the passive aspect, form, advanced to be the breath-form of the perfect body. Taste is advanced to the degree of smell. Hearing is advanced to the degree of taste. Sight is advanced to the degree of hearing. And the unit of the organ of the eye is advanced to be the sense of sight. These four advanced sense units are to act as intermediaries between outside nature and the perfect body. The control and maintenance of that body would be by means of the breath-form, and the doer of the Triune Self would keep the body in balance; and the doer, in addition, would be active in administering affairs of the human world.

The Triune Self would then be a Triune Self complete, and as such it would be one of The Government of the world, according to the Eternal Order of Progression.

However, before all this could come about, the doer of the Triune Self had to pass the trial test of balance; that is, it had to bring its feeling aspect and its desire aspect into balanced union.

In order to do this, the doer's perfect sexless body is divided into a male body and a female body; the feeling aspect of the doer then dwells in the female body and the desire aspect in the male body. The two bodies are the balances. Then, with feeling and desire in the two bodies of opposite sexes, as the balances, the doer was to preserve the oneness of itself as feeling-and-desire while it was present in both halves of the divided one body.

This would be done by thinking, by the proper adjustment of the three minds of the doer, under control of the doer. Then, feeling-and-desire thinking together as the doer, could not think other than as one doer. Thus thinking, the body-mind would be attuned to and controlled by the feeling-and-desire minds thinking together as one, and would also think of feeling-and-desire as one. Thus, by the three minds unitedly thinking as one, the male and female half-bodies would be again united, and feeling-and-desire, by thinking together, would be in balanced and inseparable union.

Such united thinking of the three minds would also adjust the units of the four systems of the perfect body through the four senses of the body by means of the breath-form under control of the doer, who would then be in right relation to its thinker and knower.

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