13 Regeneration Of The Body

The doer will continue to re-exist until it regenerates the imperfect mortal body into a perfect and immortal physical body, such as it originally had; more precisely, until the doer restores the breath-form unit and the compositor units of the body to their original perfect state of balance.

The regeneration and restoration of the perfect body is the duty of every doer; this duty must be and ultimately will be performed, as described in the chapter "The Great Way".

In this system all parts of the whole are related in a definite plan and for a definite purpose.

The plan and the purpose show that nature in the human world of time is in states toward progression by constant cycles or circulations of the units through human bodies; when the doers of the Triune Selves progress and the complete Triune Selves advance to the degree of Intelligences, the units are balanced.

The Intelligences charged with the responsibility of this education, free themselves in the discharge of this duty. The circulation of nature, the development of the doers, the freeing of the Intelligences, are done owing to the presence of Consciousness through all. Because of the presence of Consciousness, each unit of nature, each aia, each Triune Self, and each Intelligence, is conscious in and as the different degrees of matter which it is. Thus the link connecting intelligent-matter and nature-matter is kept unbroken.

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