081 Concerning The Nature Side Of The Universe

Concerning the nature-side of the Universe:

1) The Universe exists in four vast primordial and fundamental spheres: the spheres of fire, air, water, and earth, as elements, (Fig. 1-A). The fire element permeates the air element, that reaches through the water element and that passes into the earth element. The units of the matter of the four spheres are conscious as fire, air, water, and earth units. These units of the elements are behind and are the basis of manifestation of the units of the worlds.

2) In the manifested part of the sphere of earth is the light world; in the manifested part of the light world is the life world; in the manifested part of the life world is the form world; and in the manifested part of the form world is the physical world, (Fig. 1-B). In other words, the physical world is permeated, supported, and surrounded by three other worlds. The physical world may be considered from two viewpoints, (Fig. II-G): As the Realm of Permanence, and, as the temporal human world which is in part visible to the eye, as is being done in the following pages.

3) In each of the four worlds there are four planes, namely, the light plane, the life plane, the form plane, and the physical plane. Each of these planes corresponds and relates to one of the four worlds, (Fig. 1-C).

4) The physical plane of the human physical world contains all that is spoken of as the physical universe. It is made up of four states of matter, namely, the radiant, the airy, the fluid, and the solid states, (Fig. I-D). Each of these states of physical matter is of four substates, (Fig. 1-E). Only the solid state and its four substates are at present subject to physical and chemical investigation.

5) In the physical universe that is visible to the human eye is the earth, the world of time, of sex, of birth and death; it is made up of and its human bodies are composed of unbalanced units, (Fig. II-B); that is, units that are either active-passive or passive-active, male or female; bodies that alternate, that die. Within and beyond and pervading this physical world of time is the permanent physical world, invisible to us, the Realm of Permanence, (Fig. II-G);

it is made up of balanced units, units that are balanced and therefore do not alternate from passive to active, and the reverse, (Fig. II-C).

Bodies of balanced units of the Realm of Permanence do not die; they are perfect and everlasting; they do not change in the sense that unbalanced units do; they progress in being conscious in successively higher degrees, according to the Eternal Order of Progression.

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