083 Concerning The Intelligent Side Of The Universe

17) The Triune Self represents the intelligent-side of the Universe. A Triune Self has three parts, and three atmospheres, and three breaths, (Fig. V-B).

The three parts are:

  • the psychic or doer part, which in its passive aspect is feeling and in its active aspect is desire;
  • the mental or thinker part, which is passively rightness and actively reason;
  • and the noetic or knower part,which passively is I-ness and actively selfness.

Each of the three parts has, in a measure, the aspects of the other two parts. Each part is in an atmosphere; thus there are the psychic, mental, and noetic atmospheres of the Triune Self, which relate to the form world, the life world, and the light world.

Through each atmosphere a portion of that atmosphere flows as a breath, just as there are currents which move in the air and which are the air, yet are at the same time distinct from the air. Of this complex Triune Self, only a portion of the doer part exists in the human body. It
governs the body mechanism by means of the voluntary nervous system.

18) That portion of the doer part has its station in the kidneys and adrenals. The other two parts of the Triune Self are not in the body but merely contact it: the thinker part contacts the heart and lungs; the knower part barely contacts the rear half of the pituitary body and the pineal body in the brain. The Triune Self contacts the voluntary nervous system as a whole, (Fig. VI-A). The thinker of each human is his individual divinity.

19) The vertical line that divides or connects the two sides of the universe, and the upper and lower points, are the symbol of the aia and of the breath-form, (Fig. II-G,H). The upper point of the line is the aia, representing the intelligent-side to the right of the line; the lower point is the breath-form, which stands for nature, on the left side of the line. The two points and the line relate the aia for the intelligent-side with the breath-form for the nature-side, so that there can be immediate action and reaction on each other. The aia belongs to the Triune Self, as the breathform belongs to nature.

The aia is without dimension; it is not destroyed; it is always in the psychic atmosphere of the doer part. Prior to conception the aia revivifies a nature unit, the form, with the breath of the breath-form, which will be the "living soul" of the body during life. The breath-form is the cause of conception. The breath-form is stationed in the front half of the pituitary body, and lives in the involuntary nervous system. It is an automaton, and is the means of communication between the Triune Self and nature.

20) The Triune Self receives Light from an Intelligence. The Intelligence is the next higher degree in being conscious, beyond the Triune Self, (Fig. V-C).

The Light of an Intelligence is a Conscious Light. By its Conscious Light, an Intelligence is related to the Triune Self, and through the Triune Self the Intelligence maintains contact with the four worlds. In the noetic atmosphere the Conscious Light, so to say, is clear, and it is likewise clear in that portion of the mental atmosphere which is in the noetic atmosphere of the Triune Self.

But in the mental atmosphere of the human, (Fig. V-B), the Conscious Light is diffused and more or less obscured. The Light does not enter the psychic atmosphere. The use of the Conscious Light makes the doer intelligent.

21) An Intelligence unit is the highest degree in which a unit can be conscious as a unit. An Intelligence was a primordial unit of matter in the sphere of fire, there conscious as its function only; it progressed through the spheres and many cycles in the worlds to the degree where it has at last become an ultimate unit, a unit conscious as an Intelligence, (Fig. II-H).

An Intelligence is self-conscious, individuated, has identity as an Intelligence, and has seven inseparable parts or faculties, each of the seven being a conscious witness to the unity of the seven, (Fig. V-C).

22) The Supreme Intelligence is the highest in degree of all Intelligences; is chief of the Intelligences governing the Universe; and is in relation with the Universe through the individual Intelligences and their complete Triune Selves. Each Triune Self is in conscious relation to the Supreme Intelligence through the individual Intelligence to whom it is related.

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