084 Concerning Government Of The World & Consciousness

Concerning The Government of the world:
23) Complete Triune Selves constitute The Government of the world. They are in everlasting, perfect bodies of the, to mortals, invisible, physical Realm of Permanence. They govern the physical, the form, the life, and the light worlds. Complete Triune Selves are the active agents of
Intelligences who supervise, but take no active part in, The Government.

Concerning Consciousness:
24) Consciousness is that by the presence of which all things are conscious. Consciousness is the same in all matter and in all beings. Consciousness is changeless. Matter changes as it becomes increasingly conscious in successive degrees. Beings are conscious in varying degrees; but Consciousness is the same in all beings, from the least nature unit to the Supreme Intelligence.

Consciousness has no states, is not conditioned, is without attributes, does not act, cannot be acted upon, cannot be separated, cut up or divided, does not vary, does not develop, and is the completion of all becoming. By the presence of Consciousness all there is in the Universe is conscious according to its capacity to be conscious.

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