085 Concerning Units

Concerning units:
25) All nature-matter is of units. A unit is an indivisible, irreducible one; it has an active and a passive side, either of which dominates the other. There are four kinds of units: nature units, aia units, Triune Self units, and Intelligence units, (Fig. II-A). The term nature units includes all units of the spheres, worlds, planes, and states of matter. Units are beyond the reach of chemistry and physics; they can be dealt with only by the mind.

26) A unit begins its development as a primordial unit on the unintelligent nature-side; that is, as a fire unit of the fire sphere, (Fig. II-H). The unit progresses as a unit on the intelligent-side; that is, as first a Triune Self and ultimately as an Intelligence. Between these two stages are innumerable conditions of units. The purpose is to develop a primordial unit of the fire sphere until it is an Intelligence.

The purpose is achieved by the passage of the unit through all stages of units on the nature-side, then through the aia kind, and then through all the degrees on the intelligent-side as a Triune Self and then as an Intelligence. In the changing universe, all this is done according to the plan of a human body, by re-existences of the doer portions until the doer is consciously one with its Triune Self.

27) A unit of nature goes through four conditions, always of a fiery, airy, fluid, and earthy kind, before it can be changed. In the world of time the active or the passive side dominates the other until the unit is ready to be changed, at which time the active side and the passive side are equal. Then the change is made through the unmanifested, which pervades the manifested, of the unit that disappears from the state in which it is and reappears through the unmanifested as that which it becomes. When a unit changes from one state or plane or world to another, the change is made through the unmanifested during all manifestations.

28) Changes of units in this manner occur throughout nature in chemical processes; but only while a unit is in a perfect body can it progress.
The foregoing plan presents the Universe as it appears to the doers in human bodies existing on the earth crust who are confined to sensuous perceptions and whose understanding is accordingly restricted.

Nerve centers of the body are at present used for the pleasure of the human and the housekeeping of the body; but potentially they are centers for the exercise of mental and noetic powers undreamed of.

Time is the change of units or of masses of units in their relation to each other. On the earth crust, where time is measured as the earth mass changes in its relation to the sun mass, time is not the same as time in other states and worlds. Time applies only to units that have not been balanced. In the Realm of Permanence, where the units do not change alternately from activepassive to passive-active, that is, where the units are balanced, there is no time as known to humans.

Space is related to time as the unmanifested is related to the manifested. Time is of nature units; it can be measured; space is not matter, it is not of units, and cannot be measured. Space has no dimensions. Distance has no relation or application to space. The manifestation of the Universe is in space, but space is not affected by it. Space is unconscious Sameness. To the sensuous perceptions of doers on the earth crust, space is no thing.

Dimensions are conditions of physical matter, and do not relate to space. The doers on the earth crust are limited to the four senses for perception. These senses can at present perceive only one dimension: the dimension of on-ness, that is, surfaces.

What are called three dimensions,length, breadth, and thickness, are only surfaces. The senses do not perceive the other three dimensions. Though the doers cannot see the next dimension, which is in-ness, they are aware that there is a dimension beyond their sense perception. The doers are not aware of a third and a fourth dimension, but they guess about them.

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