07 The System of Thinking Part 1

The System of Thinking. What it is. Stages on: The Way to Conscious Immortality. This system of thinking is for you, you choose and will: to have knowledge of nature and of your Triune Self; to think without creating destiny, to be conscious of Consciousness, and to become consciously immortal.

1. You who would follow this system to become conscious of Consciousness should think about the reality as represented by the word Consciousness, as different from anything that you have read or heard about the word.

You should not think of Consciousness as

  • being your consciousness or another's consciousness or as the consciousness of any being or thing.
  • possessing or being possessed, as having states or extension, or as being divided into states.
  • having any attributes or limitations, or as becoming anything or doing anything, or as a being, or as having being or nonbeing.
  • You should not think of the consciousness of any being, but of the being as conscious as something or of something.

You should think that

  • you cannot really know anything about Consciousness before you become conscious of Consciousness.
  • you may become conscious of Consciousness at any time after you begin to think about it, even while you are human and have not rid yourself of thraldom to nature and have not taken your place among the consciously immortal Triune Selves who are freed.
  • Consciousness is present in and through and about everything, however small or great.
  • it is by the presence of Consciousness in and through every thing or being that the thing or being is conscious of that of which or as which it is conscious.
  • Consciousness is not in any way different in the most primitive unit in nature and the most advanced Intelligence.
  • Consciousness is the same in the units composing a block of granite as it is in the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, no less and no more
  • by the presence of Consciousness each being performs its work and is conscious of as little or of as much as it has attained
  • the capacity for being conscious.
  • when you have an understanding about what Consciousness is not and think about what it is, you are ready to make the effort to become conscious of Consciousness.

2. Then you can think: O Consciousness! undescribed, unexplained, and without qualities; not dependent on, not affected by, any thing; present throughout all space and time and being and throughout all Intelligence; by whose presence all nature units are conscious as their functions, and the Triune Selves are conscious as what they are, of what they do and of what they may become.

By Thy Presence in me through life and through death, I think and feel and will to be conscious of Thee, and to know Thee,Consciousness.

  • You should not set the time when you will first become conscious of Consciousness.
  • There is the possibility of its being at any time in your present human life.
  • It may not be until, at the end of lives, you have all your minds under control.
  • You should think the death of your body a no greater break in your continuity of living in this world than is the retiring for a night's sleep in your present body. When you, as the will to become conscious of Consciousness, think thus of Consciousness, you can be assured that soon or late, perhaps when least expected, you will so be.
  • On being conscious of Consciousness you do not know any of the beings of which you are then conscious.
  • You will know them only after you know yourself as a Triune Self.
  • But having once been conscious of Consciousness it is possible for you by thinking to be again conscious of them.
  • Becoming conscious of Consciousness neither cancels the obligations which you have incurred by your thoughts, nor gives you entrance to other planes or worlds, nor puts you in control of your desires and your minds, nor establishes you in union with yourself.

But once having been conscious of Consciousness you will surely meet your obligations and make connection with the planes and worlds and learn the control of desire and of your minds and eventually be in union with yourself. It will be as a map and a light for you. You are human, you may choose to reach the heights and the depths of human life, but you will not linger at either extreme, for you know the road and your Light will guide you, and you will surely reach the end of the road of attainment as the Triune Self.

  • You can no longer make yourself believe that all your desires are right.
  • While you see things as they are, you cannot deceive yourself.
  • You may not do what you know to be right, but you know when you are doing wrong.
  • You will right the wrongs done, as you gain strength; and surely you will get strength.
  • With such an understanding about Consciousness you go on with your regular duties, being confident that in due season you will be conscious of Consciousness.
  • Overanxiousness will delay and interfere with your self-adjustment in becoming so conscious.
  • Expectation or speculation as to time or condition will keep you out of right relation to nature and defer the time of your being conscious of Consciousness.
  • You should have a constant, steady assurance that you will live through the lives of your physical bodies, and with no less confidence than you now live through the daily lives of your present body, towards the attainment of the purpose of life.
  • Then, when you are ready, whether in the present life or in one far removed, it happens unannounced.
  • Intervening partitions and divisions are gone: you as feeling-and-desire-and-rightness-and-reason-and-I-nessand-selfness are One.

3. In the instant of being conscious of Consciousness the Light which is greater than the light of ten thousand times ten thousand suns opens up in the brain and tempers it and quickens the portion of the doer connected with that brain so that you are conscious beyond the limits of thought and are made conscious of your relation to Consciousness.

  • You are conscious of all Intelligence, and see everything of nature at once.
  • You are not thrilled by emotions, do not build in imagination, are not raised to beatific ecstasies and are not dazzled or overpowered.
  • You are calm, and have limitless increase and extension in being conscious throughout and within all being and Intelligence, and there is no thing of nature which you do not perceive.
  • By the Great Triune Self of the worlds and your Intelligence, you are related to all Triune Selves and to all Intelligences, and by your body with its breath-form you are related to all nature manifested and unmanifested.
  • You are conscious of all there is of the spheres and worlds and planes, and through these are conscious of that which is unmanifested.
  • You see and hear in all the worlds.
  • You are conscious through all space, and in the same instant you are conscious of all the aias and Triune Selves and Intelligences, of Conscious Sameness and of Pure Intelligence and of their relation. By being conscious of Consciousness you are at once conscious of every being.
  • All things are related in Consciousness and you are in conscious relation with all.
  • You do not wonder at the mightiness of yourself as the Triune Self or at the number and the greatness of the Intelligences with which you are in relation, or at the order in relation of all beings of which nature is composed.
  • There is no here and there, or this or that.
  • All are at once. In the same instant you are in gracious peace and conscious allness with every being that is, and that is not yet.
  • You are satisfied and calm and you have ease and poise with a glad at-homeness in unmistakable reality.
  • Being conscious of Consciousness, you are serenely conscious of the glory and the grandeur and of the simplicity in relation of all that is.
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